​Market Overview and Route to Market
The global fire protection systems (FPS) market exhibits a lucrative growth potential till 2022. The growth of the market is fueled by the increasing policies, regulations, and government mandates along with enhancing technological innovations in equipment and networking. The lack of integrity in system interfaces, and high installation and maintenance costs of fire protection systems are restraining the growth of the global FPS market. The fire protection systems market is expected to grow from USD 52.19 Billion in 2017 to USD 93.46 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 9.7% between 2017 and 2022.

With major share of the fire suppression business shared between chemical agent and inert gas based fire suppression systems, currently, traditional Watermist systems’ business growth is slow due to various factors. The company, NFS specializes in a Hybrid Watermist System which uses the powerful features of each, cooling and inerting, thereby eliminating pitfalls of individual agent based systems. With all the technological superiority over other systems and cost effectiveness and compactness, NHS is expected to acquire major share in the coming years, once commercialized appropriately.



​​NanoMist Fire Safety LLC (“NFS” or “the Company”) is exploring strategic options, and is seeking an investor to acquire up to 100% of its shares. Based in the USA, NFS has been successful in unveiling an environmentally friendly fire protection solution, a long-sought gas-like ultra-fine water mist hybrid system technology using patented NanoMist Atomizer device. The mist produced at ambient pressure and mixed with inert gas has been evaluated both as fire prevention and fire protection agent. This breakthrough in fire suppression agent evolved as a result of a decade of basic and applied research, combined with independent laboratory studies are evolving as a new class of product pipe-line.

NHS performance has been tested for various applications by third parties such as Government and private agencies. The results are published and presented in NFS website. The patented system is relatively simple and is cost effective. The system is environmentally friendly (water, air, and nitrogen). NanoMist® Hybrid system provides a unique array of fire solutions ranging from thermal control to fire control behavior depending on water and air-to-nitrogen blend ratio. These fire solutions include, but not restricted to: thermal control, blanketing air entrainment, cooling the fire base, prevention of auto ignition, inerting, fire suppression, fire extinguishment, and preventing “reflash”.


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​NHS Applications
Both NanoMist and NanoMist Hybrid Systems have a wide range of commercial and industrial total and local flooding fire suppression and thermal protection applications. Some examples are:

  • Data Centers (Electronics space & Subfloor), Hot & Cold Aisles Containment
  • Telecommunication Rooms, Machinery Rooms, Transformer Cooling, Small Volume Mission Critical asset protection
  • Medical Facilities, Medical Equipment, Food Processing & Pharmaceutical Lab Spaces
  • Local Flooding, inerting and preventing auto – ignition
  • Lithium Ion battery explosion mitigation
  • Museums, Archives and Clean Rooms

Oil Feild Complex Rehabilitation Project - Baghdad, Iraq 

Client                 : State Company for Oil Projects, Ministry of Oil, Iraq

Project Scope   : Design, Installation Supervision and Commissioning of Fire Alarm, Voice Evacuation & Graphics User Interface. 

Product             : Fike's Cybercat based Intelligent Fire Alarm System, Integrated Voice Evacuation & Precise Vision Graphics

Status               : Installation in final phase and Pre-Commissioning Works are In Progress

Our Main Contractor: TecnoElettra Middle East - Kingdom of Bahrain

​Product Highlights


  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, Zero Global Warming Potential.
  • Harmless and completely safe for human exposure with safe level of Oxygen.
  • It produces only steam in the presence of heat.

Room Integrity:

  • Dense NanoMist does not diffuse rapidly out of an unsealed volume. So agent loss is not a major concern.
  • Since NHS agent can be continuously supplied, it does not fall below its extinction concentration in an enclosure even though there are leaks and ventilation openings.
  • NHS gas-like total flooding agent. It can flow through cluttered areas and around corners and obstructions.


  • Uniform flow with below 10 micron (7.5micron) droplet size.
  • Near molecular level mixing process.
  • Greatly reduced water and inert gas requirement.
  • Unique expanding discharge pattern.
  • Compact system equipment & low cost of ownership to the end user, makes NHS superior system to any other conventional or hybrid Water mist system available in the market.

Hybrid Performance:

  • Extinction time is comparable to competing technologies and oxygen level is acceptable.

Contact us: 

Dr. K.C. Adiga

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Crowne Plaza, Riyadh Palace Project - Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Client                 : Crowne Plaza, Riyadh Palace, Riyadh-KSA

Project Scope   : Design, Supply, Installation Supervision and Commissioning of Fire Alarm System. 

Product             : Fike's Duonet/Quadnet based Intelligent Fire Alarm System

Status               : Testing & Commissioning in Progress

Our Main Contractor: Rasseel National Company - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia